One Nation Behind Its Computer Screen?

Link building, directory submitting, keyword analysis…all necessary things to set up a good SEO campaign, but sometimes you just can’t settle with the usual strategy. Sometimes you have to leave from behind your computer screen, get fresh air and think of other tactics to increase traffic. Sometimes you also need good marketing tips.

Think of it, you might be hopping around the Internet like child splay, but how many of your visitors prefer a paper flyer with a printed website address on it? If your business model allows it, an afternoon of flyering in the mall can get you more traffic than bidding heavily on Adwords. Don’t be afraid to stand at the exit of a rock concert to promote your new music website or walk down trade fairs in search for some links. The personal approach still works and allows you to target your audience very carefully .

Think again, how many times have you visited a website because you met an interesting person who was behind it? Which blogs are you subscribed to and which bloggers do you know personally? Giving your blog a personal touch often works good for building trustworthiness and authority. If then you can deliver the same smooth talk offline as online, you’ll be already on the good way to extend your reach.

The key is to be there where the action is. Where the action is, you show up with your message. No need to go out and paint walls in the city, although it can be effective (ex. One nation under CCTV), but just keep up to date with what is happening and make sure your presence is noticed.

Online it’s easy to stay on top of the news about a particular subject. Google Alerts and Google Trends are two useful tools to stay tuned, in combination with RSS subscriptions to your most relevant news sources. Crafting a blog post related to these online trends and optimising for trendy keywords is a common tactic to use short lived online opportunities.

Discepancy between the trend your trying to get ranked for and the actual subject of your site can cause frustration among users. Changes to your lay-out could be considered to bridge the gap and I would recommend to make the transition from the targeted trend to your site as smooth as possible, in order to avoid too much disappointment on the landing page.

Offline guerrilla marketing tactics are virtually unlimited. Flyering, pulling of a stunt, organising an event…even Google has now started offline advertising, on billboards across the US. Knowing where your audience is hanging out is crucial, and spreading your message in an original way absolutely required. If not, you can always buy a spray can…