Paying Bloggers to Advertise Your Sites

Advertisers and agencies have now a fast and cost effective opportunity to promote their products and services through the wide network of blogs on the blogosphere.

Many of these bloggers participate in paid blogging programs – as many of these bloggers want to make money online, monetize their blogs, increase their financial revenue and so on. Some of the bloggers are WHAMs, some are purely skilled online marketers who use each possible channel to win more money.

This should be a win-win situation, but many advertisers misuse this channel to spam or manipulate the search engines for better rankings in the SERPs.

When you need to promote fast a valuable product or service, you can buy blog reviews from services like PayPerPost, Blogitive, Blogsvertise, ReviewMe, Sponsored Reviews, Bloggerwave and Smorty. Of course, there are other similar services online, but these are the most popular.

PayPerPost is the cheapest and the fastest: it has the largest network of bloggers and it is also the most flexible provider. A general disclosure is required on each blog affiliated with PayPerPost (the bloggers have to inform their readers that some of the reviews are paid).

If you don’t want the readers to know that you’ve paid for the review (but are you sure you want to deceive your potential customers?) choose Blogitive or Blogsvertise.

ReviewMe and Sponsored Reviews are the most serious paid blogging providers. You’ll get very good reviews – and in many situations these will help you improve your sites and your services.

When you ask for a review, you should not ask for “positive” reviews. Ask for “full critique.” This is how you’ll learn the truth about how the market really sees your products and services. You need critique to improve your services.

The SEO advantages of such reviews are quite clear. But you should know that online marketing is more than just SEO and SMO.