Paid Online Marketing Tools

Some online marketing strategies involve a good budget and small companies rarely can afford the risk to start a paid campaign. With a poorly planned paid campaign there are no real guarantees for conversions. PPC are the most dangerous: improperly planned expenses, ads with a wrong target, poorly designed landing pages, poorly authored texts and so on, are as many factors that might drive the visitors away.

PPC like AdWords require often the skilled touch of an AdWords qualified professional, Other PPC tools are more affordable and are billed on CPM (cost per thousand views) basis. If you browse our blog you’ll find a few reviews of PPC providers that will help you choose the one that is most fit for your business strategy (and for your budget).

Buying text ads is effective if you want to sell something fast. You usually target pages with heavy authority and heavy traffic (as measured by Alexa). Don’t expect wonders though. You might get the traffic, but if your products lack that special something that converts visitors into buyers, there’s not much this type of advertising can do for you.

Affiliate programs work. They are called PPA (pay per action) and with this tool you build up a network of resellers who have all the interest to advertise your products on their own, because they want to cash the commissions. In many situations PPA is cheaper than PPC, CPM or buying text ads.

Last but not least, never ignore the power of authority auction sites like eBay, Amazon, Yahoo! Shopping or any local auction site related to your business.