PayPal E-commerce Solutions

Competing against Google is not an easy task, not even for PayPal, the undisputed leader of the online payment market.

Google’s new Checkout system aims to make online shopping faster and safer. Basically it has the same goals as PayPal and judging from the online reviews from bloggers, it has enough pros to be considered a valuable tool.

Unfortunately Google’s Checkout has some minus points too: it’s focused on tangible goods. That means that companies that sell a service, like Search Engine Oracle Ltd., will need to find a way to get accepted into the program. This is difficult, but not impossible.

Now back to PayPal. The company has recently introduced a new partner program that offers special benefits to the e-commerce entrepreneurs who use PayPal Express Checkout. As you probably know the technical support from PayPal is not so great. With this new program the company even promises to improve communication with its partners and list these partners in the PayPal Solutions Directory.

There are certain conditions and qualifications you have to meet to be listed in the directory, but they clearly explained on the Submit a Solution page of PayPal. This is the Solutions Directory for UK. On the left menu bar you will see other categories of the directory. Check them out, see where you fit and submit your site.

By being listed in the Solutions Directory you will be identified as a trusted source for integrated PayPal payments. So far it’s still unclear whether you are allowed to have PayPal and Goolge on the same site. My guess is no. I also predict that the merchant program will function better with Google in the future. Besides, from 2 July 2007, PayPal is a bank.