PayPerPost – The Buzz Generator

PayPerPost, the buzz generator, might be a good choice for your business if you launch a new product or service and you want to rich to a large market fast. This advertising platform upgraded its services by providing a direct option for you to hire a blogger you like. It’s called PayPerPost direct. The PayPerPost team describes this new service and a few other upgrades here.

I am not an advocate of this kind of advertising. In my experience a press release submitted via PRWeb is more effective and, on the long term, brings more results, with a higher quality.

But PayPerPost has one major advantage: you don’t get the same content published all over the Web. Each blogger has another style, uses different words and will publish a different opinion.

If you are going to pay for a review for your products, service or business, don’t ask the blogger to write a positive review. You want to know what your users really think about your site, so this is your chance to learn what to improve and to learn what the users like too. When the blogger has the freedom to write full critique about a site, the entry will be thought provoking and it will determine other bloggers and readers click on the links within the post and visit your site.

Many advertisers reported successful PPP campaigns: increase of ROI and other benefits. So if you think that PPP might be a fit for your business, give it a try.

To prevent your site from being penalized for buying links you could ask for a rel=”nofollow” link in the review.