PayPerPost Makes Important Changes to Its TOS

The always controversial – successful marketers will always raise controversy – PayPerPost known as PPP by all the bloggers and advertisers using this kind of services, has recently changed its TOS. All bloggers need to disclose their relationship with the advertisers either through a side wide disclosure or disclosure on a per post basis.

PPP is not the only company of the kind that requires such disclosure. Many other smaller firms (created on the PPP model) ask the bloggers to do the same thing.

This is good news for the industry. A clearly stated relationship between the blogger and a sponsor is more than desired. It should be mandatory.

It’s time that the online entrepreneurs understand that businesses based on lies and deceit do not have chances to survive long. Besides, when deceived, clients will move on to someone else.

Undisclosed blog entries cost both the company and the blogger. The blogger’s reliability will have to suffer and the advertising company will be perceived as a deceitful business.

For PayPerPost the change in the TOS brings a good light on how this company does business and also encourages best practices from both bloggers and advertisers.

PPP might lose clients in the favor of those few companies that don’t require disclosure, but I don’t think this will be such a big lost. It’s the companies that don’t respect the online marketing ethical principles that will lose, sooner or later.

There are many lessons to be learned from PPP and probably the most important is adaptability. PayPerPost is one of the most flexible, I’d say chameleonic companies I’ve ever seen. And I admire the way this company understands the market and grows.


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