Powerset. Hakia. GO!

Read Write Web’s Phil Butler wrote recently an article about two search engines I’ve been watching for a while: Powerset and hakia.

As you already know hakia goes social and uses online marketing with a personal touch to promote itself.

Powerset is a bit colder in its approach, but in the end both search engines have the same goal and that’s search supremacy.

Phil doesn’t really use harsh words when he talks about Google. For a reason his writing style is moderate, and I really expect more spice from one of my favorite web writers, especially when it comes to Web supremacy topics.

He writes:

Powerset and hakia are not in a race either against each other or to overtake Google, but they are on a quest for better Web communication and engagement.

But we know from many reliable sources, including a Powerset press release that Powerset does want to “kill” Google and that people who already test this search engine will probably never use Google again. Go, Powerset, GO!

On the other hand, hakia is too shy to make such statements, but as the Web shows us now, it`s got the hearts of some pretty popular bloggers, so it has all the chances to perform well, especially in the social networks. Go, hakia, GO!

To make a long story short, the Web becomes more and more aware of the new search engine presences and I am sure we will have more about this issue pretty soon. In the meanwhile don’t forget to SEO for the visitors, because guess what… even Google will go social!


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