SEM Through SMO

Search engine marketing is no longer limited to a simple search engines submission or directory submissions.

Getting links, the eternal SEO struggle, seems to come in second with the birth of more and more social media sites.

As social media instruments, blogs are the perfect tool to generate traffic and raise awareness for your business and products.

Branding experts recommend that you approach authority bloggers to write about your company and your products.

Services like PayPerPost make your job easier, through a special program that enables you to reward the bloggers for their efforts with a small financial recompense.

Blog reviews have a few important advantages such as: fast search engines inclusion, broader coverage (bloggers are the masters of the social media networks) and buzz, and link building.

Although the last Google tendency is to repress links in paid entries, if you don’t over-do-it there’s nothing to fear. You over-do-it when you pay bloggers to review… “wind” – basically spam the blogosphere and the search engines advertising nothing else but your site for the sole purpose of getting links.

You should use paid blogging services to raise awareness for an important event: a new product release, a new service, enhancements to a popular product and even a new website release – if that website is really special and beneficial for the users.

Because bloggers are picky, they might even give you negative reviews. Don’t be afraid. Negative publicity is still publicity and if you understand that, although the negative review, the bloggers simply mean well (help you improve your site and your service) you have a lot to win from the social media.

Join me again tomorrow for a short review of the most popular paid blogging providers.