Search Engines Fun

Who says that SEO and SE should always be serious? It’s weekend, so let’s loosen up!

It’s time to tame your “UFO” and paranormal hunger with UFOCrawler, world’s first search engine dedicated exclusively to UFOs and the Paranormal. Powered by IBM (yes, “multiply” your search possibilities) and brought to you by the Anomalies Network, this search engine enables you to find refined results on… UFOs, fairies, aliens, goblins, succubus and enough bizarre phenomena to keep you up with fear for days.

If that’s not enough you are always welcome to visit Google’s horror feature movies and watch full-length horror classics, including Nosferatu, Night of the Living Dead, Hollow Man and so on. Who needs a TV or a DVD when all the fun is free online?

As you see the search engines try to keep their users “faithful” in any possible ways. This is a good example for any Webmaster who is serious about his/her online business. Happy users come back. Happy users bookmark your sites (digg, redit, stumble upon and so on are “loaded” with links to “fun stuff” submitted and voted by the users) and are also responsible for that “word of mouth” you need so badly to reduce your search engines and internet marketing costs.

No matter how serious your business is humour sells. Interactive applications are “hip”. If you want to sell “serious” products to the young, make it in a fun, trendy manner. Give your visitors a reason to come back, and above all, a good reason to bookmark your site and talk about it.


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