and Privacy

With Google private search, and especially with Google acquiring Double Click a whole new debate on data privacy aroused in high SEO circles. Now that comes with a new tool that will allow you to delete your search history everyone seems to believe that the data privacy is again secure and that the Web will provide for untraceable search behaviour.

I’ve been online enough to know that this is just a sales gig and that everything you do on the Web is traceable. If Ask’s AskEraser really does the job I suggest we nominate for a special prize, something like the Nobel for privacy. Because if Ask’s tool really does it, the whole theory that nothing is private on the Web collapses.

People are really excited about the news, but I cannot help but wonder: do we really need such a tool? Right now the idea that search is traceable seems to stop unhealthy behaviour from online predators and the kind. If search is no longer traceable, what’s there to stop these people from looking online for kid porn, feeding this way an industry that could be described as a disease of our society? Instead of focusing on irrelevant software, wouldn’t it be better to focus on solutions that make the Web safer for our children? Just a thought.

Anyway, let’s wait and see how this new “revolutionary” technology really functions in practice. I am really tired of theories.