Word of Advice…

If you need to know any SEO definition the simplest way is a “define:term” Google query search. But what good is that for your site anyway? You can learn the theory, but you have enough school experience to know that experience is not so easy.

Search algorithms are probably the first algorithms you will learn and you should know that there are enough tools to make those algorithms look foolish for a short while (link baits, article and press release syndication tools, blog entries, social votes (negative or positive and in this case, how do you stop the flow) and much more. All these tools make you wonder: is there anything left of the search engines or are we assisting at the death of the dinosaurs? If you answer yes to the last question you couldn’t be further from the truth.

The search engines are not going to die. They just change and we their change we will assist at many other changes. Some will come as a surprise to many webtrepreneurs, while others are a normal follow-up of several SEO prophecies: change is normal. Embrace it. Follow the trend. Accept and defy your destiny, online or offline. Online, the competition is acerb, but winning is not impossible.

Come on! Think. Use your imagination. This is your territory. Imagine your world, and let us do talking about this new discovery. SEO is changing, yes, but so are all the other Internet marketing tools. Luckily there are still leaders to show you the way. And the way is called: SEO and SMO.