100 SEO Ltd. Blog Entries!

A reason to celebrate our online presence: 100 SEO entries in one of the most reliable UK SEO blogs. Today I write the entry number 100 and I am happy to see how far I’ve come since the initiation of this blog! So what better topic to crown this event than Google?

Mark Simon at MediaPost presents a Google afraid of a Microsoft-Yahoo merger (the so-called Microhoo). Personally, I don’t think Google should be afraid of such a union. Although powerful enough, if they don’t change their marketing strategies, Yahoo and Microsoft, even united, will never be able to overpower Google. Mark Simon identifies some threats against Google “in the touch points” but he forgets that Google is already taking steps in this direction.

On the other hand we learn that Google starts paying YouTube contributors. I cannot say I haven’t seen this coming. Another way of making money from advertising and guess who will harvest the benefits? Rumours are that Google will pay content providers in general and not solely video providers.

I cannot say too much about this except: let’s wait and see how this will work. I do have a prediction though: a new wave of spamming comes our way, and that will be “vpam”! No, don’t look for the term online. You are not going to find it. Vpam is my own creation and it stands for video spam. The phenomenon is not new: you’ll see already video spam at YouTube, submitted by companies that try to generate leads through this channel. But with Google paying for content we’ll see spammers redefining the concept of video spam…