Predictions for 2008

2008 – new year with new beginnings and an obvious need for new plans. The blogosphere abounds with entries that give different prognostics for 2008 and many popular bloggers raise their voices to predict things hard to imagine if you are a less savvy Internet user.

Of course, there are enough “predictions” to talk about from an SEO perspective. And I will start by saying that Google will decline. It already does. Its most recent algorithm change caused enough anger among the webmaseters who depended on their PageRanks to sell links and monetize their sites. Google penalized these sites by lowering their PR and their SE positions. The webmasters were suddenly forced to turn to other online channels for traffic.

This is how social media discovery sites like StumbleUpon got popular and their popularity will increase in 2008 more and more. Actually, StumbleUpon already has a search feature that delivers very good results.

As some of the analysts from Read Write Web noted, Google will try to make its mark on the social media field. Unfortunately for Google, it is a little bit too late to enter the game. The search giant will have to compete against names that are already strong, have fans and most importantly give to the users enough freedom to create their own “space.”

Google will also need to deal with Microsoft and I can see Microsoft winning. With some good PR and the right developments, Microsoft has enough chances to get back its former glory. It will not happen at a search level though. Here the chances are still high for the semantic search engines like Powerset and hakia.

2008 will be the year of change, like any other before, but 2008 will also be the year of big surprises and the year when the Web will know some of the most amazing transformations. Business is changing, people will really come first.

From all the team here at SEO Ltd. may you have a joyful, prosperous 2008!


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