What SEO and SMO Have in Common

As “social media optimisation” is a new term, which is often mistaken for “search engines optimisation”, some clarifications were necessary and today I am going to tell you what these two Internet marketing specialities have in common.

Both SEO and SMO focus on links and linkability. Links will boost your website’s popularity, page rank, and positioning in the search engines. The social media optimisation will ensure that your site is easy to link to (trackbacks, content, linkbait, relevancy, usability), while SEO will focus on link exchanging, directory submissions, and other traditional linking strategies.

To achieve their goals, both SEO and SMO need good content, properly categorized, in the right format. Good content will eventually bring relevant traffic to a site (and that’s the main reason to employ both SEO and SMO). While SMO is used mainly by bloggers, even standard websites could benefit from this new online marketing technique. In one of my past entries Blogging and SMO I underlined the importance of building up communities. From a SEO point of view, these communities are important because among the participant bloggers there might be some sharing similar interests and they are going to link back to you if they find your content worthy enough. The term “link love” is quite popular among bloggers.

Last, but not least, both SEO and SMO promote the value of a site and what benefits the users might get when they visit it. Tomorrow I am going to point out the differences between these two marketing tools. But in the meanwhile, one thing is certain: the Web is changing. You need to exploit all its tools to be successful.


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