Smiling Japanese About To Beat YouTube

The virtues of video marketing have passed the revue already too many times, and the succes story of YouTube must be know to must of you. Great is then the surprise to see a rising star in the video sharing arena that might be about to beat the longheld YouTube records. Video marketing for the japansese market? Forget YouTube and think Nico Nico Doga aka the smiling videos.

Since their launch in January 2007 this japanese video sharing platform has been able to attract as much as 6 million registred users, only japanese speaking. With an impressive 2 billion page views on monthly basis this rising video site beats the wordwide page views of Veoh. It hasn’t reached the peaks of Youtube, but it might be soon doing so.

The main feature and at the same time the biggest oddity in our eyes is the instant messaging tool. Entered text scrolls over the top of the video as users communicate with each other. Other users can even add text later on resulting in some videos with way too much text scrolling over it. The content is generally “japanese inspired” which means a lot of manga cartoons, and techy stuff, they are japanese after all and the stereotypes are quite confirming in the case of Doga Doga’s content.

Nevertheless the site is a great place to attack the japansese market, on the condition you can catch the japanese attention. You might want to hire a translator because the site is only in japanese but accounting for 1/12 of all japanese internet traffic, it’s a must to be in there. Erotic content is allowed and there is no lenght restriction for the videos.

As a company Nico Nico as the overcome some hurdless, high server costs and copyright infringements are causing hard times, but considering the companies huge mobile network (1.2 million mobile users) is still free of ads some potential is present to safe the company.