Social Networking Spam Doesn’t Sell

Social networking is the Holy Grail for traffic, and many webmasters seem to believe that this is the answer to their search engine placement and search engine ranking problems. But let us not forget that SMO and social networking have their rules and regulations, and once you go against those you are banned.

Being banned from digg is a nightmare for any serious tech site, heck, it is a nightmare for any news sites and even SEO site for that matter. But digg is not the only SM site out there. StumbleUpon has somehow lower quality standards yet pickier users. You cannot make it on the first page at stumble if you don’t have quality content. Because unlike dig where all you can do is digg or undigg entries of your choice, SU allows you to “unstumble” if you desire and a thumb down will break the chain of popularity for a site. SU users are a very interesting pack. Their networking skills are not those of a second grader as it happens at digg. We are not talking here about a “scratch my back” system. StumbleUpon users are passionate about things they really care about and most of them are ready to buy users.

I heard of many SU campaigns that ended in successful sales and I’ve been a part of a few too. If you ask how is possible to run a successful campaign on a SM site, the answer is quite simple: don’t spam.

Understand that these networks have educated users: people who know exactly what they want. If your product or service falls into that category, you are good to go. You don’t need to push them into buying something, you just need to tell them about what you have that will help them. So remember: social media spam will not sell.


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