How Social Media Friendly is Your Site?

Getting involved in social media marketing means closely watching content quality, finding a suitable domain name, get the right people to read your stuff and much more, but today we have a closer watch at the core of it all: the design. If you want to be a social media player your site should be optimized to do so and be attractive for the hordes of Diggers and Bloggers out there. Here are some tips to start of with…

  1. Be Modern. A good looking template is not hard to find and usually you’ll get away with a stylish design for a few bucks. Don’t forget most people involved in social media are rather internet savvy and have a good idea about how a site should look like and what to expect from a quality site. Think of your homepage as your virtual ‘reception’ and get people a warm welcome.
  2. Nothing easier than pushing a button to send your article around the world, so don’t forget to add buttons to aggregated news sites and popular voting sites like Reddit, Stumble upon, Delicious and others. The more regular readers you gather the higher the chances to rank high in these social media anchors.
  3. Be quick or be dead. It sounds a little exaggerated but face it, nothing is more annoying than a slowly loading site. Interested readers are interested in more than only your article and a slow site will rather chase people away than attract them or result in a negative appreciation of your content.
  4. Don’t stamp ‘SPAM’ on your site’s forehead. Everybody is interested in ‘free’ stuff, but try to avoid to use the word ‘Free’ too much as it easily associated with spam and dirty advertising techniques. Tricky sales catchphrases in headers or at the bottom of your page might scare visitors away, they are there for the content, not for your ads after all.

  5. Don’t talk the talk if you cannot walk the walk. In other words, don’t force your meaning upon people if you are just starting off. From the moment your brand or website earned some respect and gained some authority in it’s field you can allow yourself some judgements but before that don’t intimidate people with your opinion. The last thing you want is to look like a smart ass without achievements to fall back on.


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