Go Social!

Two years ago social media was still a fresh, virgin territory. There were enough users to consider networking on sites like MySpace and LinkedIn a moderate trend, but not enough to consider it a phenomenon. Those visionary minds understood the potential of the social media and started using the Web 2.0 for their advantage. Now we talk about social media pretty much the same as we were speaking about the Internet more than 10 years ago: we cannot imagine modern business without it.

Social networking is no longer a teenagers’ play ground. Ready-to-buy consumers browse the social networks on daily basis to read product reviews, to find the best deals and even to discover new products and services. The smart entrepreneur understands that modern business happens at a personal level and will join the stream. There’s a place for everyone in this current: you don’t need to be a blogger, you don’t need to have your own website to start networking. Heck, you even can make money online without investing a dime: using sites like Helium and Squidoo.

Social networking takes online trade to the next level, increases competition and challenges creativity. There is a social network for almost every niche. The old belief that people join social networks just to pursue a hobby or to reconnect with old friends (and even make new ones) is no longer actual.

While it is true that many of the social networking sites will no longer exist in a few years from now on, their moment is now and you should learn how to use their power to your advantage.