Spam Is Useful

If you have a blog you certainly receive comment spam and you are annoyed. You hate it, you feel frustrated because you don’t know how to stop it (OK, the anti-spam software stops it for you and “saves” it in a special spam or bulk folder) and you believe you could spend your time with better activities than filtering the valid comments out of the spam comments (overzealous spam filters often block genuine comments).

Well, don’t look at spam this way. As there’s not much you could do to stop receiving it (unless you plan to leave the Web for good), try to learn something out of it. Try to use spam for your own benefit.

If we don’t talk about porn and viagra types of spam, when you analyse the content of other comment spams you’ll notice that they focus on the hottest topics of the moment. Spammers are nothing but online marketers who use black hat techniques for profit.

If you take your time to read some of the spam comments you’ll notice that they are keyword rich. These keywords are not randomly chosen. They are competitive keywords, targeted to bring traffic and to compete with other websites that make good profits with the same products.

Studying the keywords targeted by spammers you’ll certainly learn which keywords are the most competitive and which keywords you should target to get the best out of the search engine results. The moral of the story is: we can certainly learn a lot from spammers. Not only how to choose the keywords, but also the meaning of consistency.


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