Learning Search Behavior from Tags

Search is changing. The Web users change the search. The way they “tag” content they like tells us SEOs a lot about the new online realities.

What can you learn from your technorati tags? To put it simple you learn how people will define your content in just one word, and depending on how many times people find you because of that word you know what keywords to target in your content, you learn a lot about your market and your potential customers (including what arouses peoples’ interest in your site) and so much more.

It is needles for you to tag your own content. It’ll do you no good. Although online success is based on showing off, bragging too much about your own content will have a negative effect.

Let your visitors choose how to tag your site and where to vote for it. Use social sites as a promotion tool only if you really have something of value to bring to the community and not just to get traffic on your site. When you give value people perceive you as valuable and they’ll tag you, bookmark your site and return. Over and over again.

I should probably tell you what tags are and how they function, but a too technical description will not do it for the purpose of this article. This is just “the moral of the story” and this is how it goes: tags tell more about your clients than any stats. Those who tag your site like your site. They find it useful. They will come back.