The Power of the Web 2.0

Did you know? The Internet is not always safe; its faces are not always pretty. Sometimes people get hurt. Sometimes children get hurt. Fortunately not so many in the UK, but the US statistics are at least scary if you are to check out the numbers featured at P.A.P.A. (Parents Against Predators Act) a new site, released yesterday.

Such initiatives are always welcome, and although this is more of an SEO site, I cannot help but showing my support towards these actions. In UK we have similar sites (promoting child safety online) that need our support:, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, For Kids by Kids Online and so on.

These sites are a valuable reminder for all of us: we are responsible for our actions, for everything we do online. We should understand that even the smallest action could set off a storm and we should also understand the fragility of many web users who access our pages and who deserve our love and respect.

For bloggers the choice is clear: write about these sites, give them some link love, for they cannot afford expensive SEO strategies, they don’t need to pay for this, but use the money for more important purposes.

For SEO professionals: offer your services, for free, at least for one charity project. Do it right, don’t “cheat” your client. For web designers: don’t expect payments from non-profit organizations. For the rest of us: let’s sponsor these initiatives in any way we can: it’s not always about the money. Sometimes our simple involvement, time we dedicate to a special cause, is worth more than words can say.