The Unstoppable

Spam invades your online world. It’s in your inbox, it’s in the comments of your blog, it’s in the forums and everywhere in the discussion groups, it’s in the search engines and social bookmarking networks… It feeds from your frustration, and strangely enough it finds its way into the real world too…

I don’t blame Microsoft anymore (although they promised a while ago to reduce spam). I blame the people. The computers and the Internet are just the instruments used to spread spam, but when you find spam advertisements in you’re mail box in the real world, when it’s waiting for your on your answer machine, you have no choice but to accept spam as a part of life and instead of fighting it, try reducing the ways to your world.

Use software like Barracuda, McAfee Spam Killer, Symantec and so on that will protect your PC. They are far from being perfect (they might block even genuine emails from your business partners) but it’s a start.

Then start learning from the spammers: determination. The purpose of spam is to sale. It brings products you don’t want to buy “in your face.” It uses any possible way to get to you: when you block one road, it will find another. It’s unstoppable. It’s determined to make you see and to make you aware of its presence. It is unethical, yes, but efficient. And that’s something to admire.

If someone will tell you that spam doesn’t work ask yourself “then why I still get it?” Because it does work. Because it does sell. If you sell viagra, be my guest: spam! But if you are a serious entrepreneur, refrain from spamming. Spam works in mysterious ways. It might kill your business.