Twitter For Online Marketers

The popularity of Twitter, judging on the number of emerging applications, is not slowing down. One can wonder why, but it stands clear that the simplicity of Twitter survives in the myriad of blogging and networking choices on the net. Moreover Twitter has gained fame for being a good marketing tool and lead generator for commercial purposes.

A cornerstone of Twitter’s succes is that it’s easy to connect with people who share similar interests, without necesarrily knowing them personally. The Tiny url’s make it easy to insert links, without revealing the site’s address, many times a factor that stronlgy influences click throughs.

In business terms this means a simple search in Twitter offers you a great number of potential clients with interest for your product or industry. Advanced search options can be found in tools such as Tweet Pro, allowing for a more specific and targetet audience search. Once you start following a lot of people with similar intrests, they will follow you back and your content gains exposure.

It’s easy to automatically update your Twitter through Twitterfeed, but the personal approach, which demands some dedication and follow-up work, has proven its succes before. Leveraging your personal knowledge to answer questions from troubled people for example will positively influence your number of followers. Your advice has the potential to get viral and result in some link love, as the @replies will be seen by the followers of that particular person as well. After all free advice is always appreciated. Similarly, other users searching twitter for the same question might end up following you.

Twitter’s audience is generally internet savvy, therefore things go fast and news spreads quickly. The story of Problogger getting banned from Stumble upon and re-admitted within 2 hours perfectly illustrates the network value of Twitter ( and other social media such as Stumble Upon and Digg). Then there is Twitscoop. Twitscoop can help you in tracking hot topics and works like Google Trends, showing a tag cloud with hot topics. A perfect tool to always be right on top of the hot subjects.

A customized background, half an hour of twittering a day and an active particpation could do wonders for your site. Think of whom might be intrested in your product, get some connections and work yourself into the community. Tweet this!