What’s hot, What’s Not? Ask Twitt(url)y

What’s hot, what’s not? Which sites are the most popular in this particular moment? What are people talking about? Internet marketers among you will agree these questions are sometimes crucial to be answered. Well, a new tool is out that might set you just on the right path to find answers.

Twitt(url)y is a service that tracks the url’s people are talking about on Twitter, the microblogging phenomenon where users only say what they are doing and really nothing more. Using a proprietary algorithm Twitturly scans for all url’s mentioned on Twitter and counts every time the url is mentioned in a Tweet as a vote for that site. On the homepage the links are ranked by popularity to give an overview of the most talked about stories.

It is true that news on Twitter can spread widely in a matter of minutes and that’s also the main argument of the developers of Twitturly. When news is firstly published in Twitter, Twiiturly can break the news even before any other outlet can.

The question now is if the quality and relevancy of urls discussed on Twitter will make up good news stories. After all what does the majority of users discuss on their mini blog? On the other hand if you are into news aggregated from popular voting systems like Digg, Reditt, Mixx etc. Twitturly might as well hook you up.

From an Internet marketing point of view it could surely be interesting to watch popular url’s, they might lead to popular blogs as well as great advertising opportunities. Furthermore it’s yet another tool to include in your viral marketing trick box, given you can get people to talk about your url on Twitter.

Twitturly also includes the options to message friends and followers, a language filter and a quick hide/show comment feature.


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