SEO Trends: Video SEO

As you know, Search Engine Oracle is always striving to bring you the hottest and more interesting SEO news. How does this sound: “Video SEO Wiki Launched”? The news comes from blinkx and if you visit their site you’ll be instantly transported in a different world, a world of over 7 millions hours of video content. How do you optimise that for the SE? Good question.

Luckily, blinkx seems to have the answer. They’ve launched a “SEO wiki” page, especially designed to give a proper overview on optimising video content for the search engines. This page is extremely well done and it even tells you what to avoid and how to present your video for SEO. If you have a vlog (video log) this is the right place to start your SEO efforts. A very useful document is the blinkx Video SEO Whitepaper (pdf) with 12 pages of quality information on the growth of the online video market, video search engines and video search engines optimisation. I have to admit, this is a virgin territory even for Search Engine Oracle!

The idea of video SEO shouldn’t surprise you. As you see there are over 7 millions hours of video content on blinkx alone. Can you imagine all the other “unlisted” hours? Proper SEO optimisation for video content will lead, as it happens with text content, to better search engines exposure, hence increased revenue. Yes, you can monetize video content! You can earn revenue by displaying ads, through pay per view or other publisher tools. But if no one knows about your video content no money will come in.


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