Virtual Worlds And The Next Online Generation

Barely finished talking about privacy concerns online, here is a blog post about Google’s new virtual word Lively. Another tool, just like Second Life, to live your life online, see less daylight and make virtual friends to share about everything that comes to your mind.

Lively offers the opportunity for users to build their own online room with customized furniture, opportunity to invite friends and share stuff by displaying it somewhere in the room. The format could be called a 3D edition of Google’s chat engine GTalk as users can easily communicate with each other trough chat…or through shake a virtual hand if you prefer.Currently Lively can be embedded in webpages, but only for fireFox and IE browsers and after a plug-in download.

Though the Lively world is not half as complex and extended as the originator ‘Second Life’, it’s not surprising Google is moving out in the same direction, hunting for new potential advertising space online.

Speaking about Second Life: no one less than IBM announced the new inter-operability between Second Life and other virtual worlds. It’s like Scotty beaming you up in Second Life and dropping you in another virtual world on an open sim server. Pretty Cool, huh? Developers have announced to pursue¬† large scale inter-operabilty between virtual words so that people will walk from world to world, like surfing webpages today. Advertising opportunities ahead!