In the full era of social media and social powered search, we still need to take a look, every now and again, at the search dinosaurs: the search engines.

Today we are going to ignore the giants and study less known species. If there is basically no Web user who hasn’t heard about Yahoo!, Google or MSN, how many of you are familiar with… Wantedpronto?

This is a new search engine developed exclusively for businesses. The system is patent pending and its purpose is to connect suppliers with consumers in a fast, trouble free manner.

As they like to resume it, the idea is that

“consumers should not need to search to find suppliers and suppliers should not need to advertise (but to select from a list of consumer requirements the most appropriate for their capabilities)”.

This search engine is not popular, but it cannot hurt to have your company listed. The search is not anonym: clients need to register to be able to search for companies and services. The results of the search are limited as well: you get only 3 listings based on your search criteria. But some advantages might come out of a listing in the wantedpronto directory.

The wanted search engine even has an affiliate area: you can make money by recommending this SE to your clients. No. We are not affiliates. We just introduce it to you, as a new online marketing channel. Remember: online the competition is acerb. It cannot hurt to use all possible advertising channels to promote your business.


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