Web Accessibility and Business Web Development

Designing with web accessibility aims primarily to creating websites that offer equal access to information for people with disabilities (blind, deaf, etc). But that’s not all there is to know about this standard. The real benefits appear when you discover that creating and accessible site brings important benefits from a business perspective.

Accessible websites are specially developed to perform well in any browser, reduce server load, look good and allow for easy edits: to provide a high-quality web presence. High-quality websites load faster and they usually require less maintenance time. While creating an accessible site from the very first stage of the project (or even redesigning a website to be DDA compliant) might take a long time, the results are stunning and the “after-care” is as easy as 1,2,3. CSS simplifies web design when implemented properly. But when you don’t implement it correctly within the HTML codes of your website you will need to change it every time, on every page and that will really complicate your task.

Accessibility improves your site by making it compatible with many other Web 2.0 entities. Web 2.0 is slowly but surely moving into the Web 3.0 direction so by creating an accessible website form the start your transition from a web platform to another will run smooth too. Accessibility is a topic of many facets: some developers deny the need of valid HTML for accessible sites, others cannot imagine a world without web standards. In the end we all aim the same purpose: satisfying our consumers. Accessibility will add that plus of credibility you need to run an online business.