WordPress Grows With 2 Million Blogs Last Year

WordPress, the blog hosting serevice is not doing bad at all, announced Matt Mullenweg from the company last week. Not less than 2 million blogs have been created during the last year, good for some 35 million new blog posts. Behind WordPress follows Typepad as the second most popular blogging platform, but the gap between both remains 81 million worldwide visitors big, a comfortable lead for WordPress.

Though WordPress received a Pwnie for Mass Ownage due to numerous hacks of the system, the service seems to have a growing and wide following around the globe who trust in WordPress to fix the remaining security issues. Security is also said to become an important point of work for next year.

WordPress also announced to be working on easier upgrades. They envision a similar updating system to Mozilla Firefox. One click opt-in upgrades on regular time intervals would be much user friendly and ensure timely updates and better security.

While blogging is seemingly getting more popular, other bloggers deal with censorship issues. In Turkey bloggers have started shutting their own blogs down as a response to censoring by the turkish Governement on several other blogs. Well it’s not plain censorship, but basically every complaint to a lower court is enough to have websites like YouTube or Slide.com so that comes pretty close to censorship, you’ll agree.

Paradoxally on the other side of the ocean the blogging sphere, the micro-blogging sphere around Twitter in particular, might have become victim of it’s own succes. The tool, globally known as a perfect way to break news, has now users complaining about spoiling the entertainment value of Olympics news by breaking it on Twitter before broadcasting on TV. It’s a strange world.