Is Article Marketing Still A Powerful Weapon?

Article marketing has been used by the large SEO companies ever since people tried getting to the top of the search engines. However, it really became big in 2004 when some internet marketers picked up the technique and released various products hailing article marketing as the holy grail of top search engine rankings.

At the time, they were right, we could blast out hundreds of articles and sit back and watch as they went totally viral as sites and ezine authors picked them up and exposed our article to tens of thousands of people.

Now skip forward 4 years to 2008, is article marketing still as effective? Hunter Waterhouse from SiteProNews certainly seems to think so and gives some excellent tips for creating the best article marketing campaign to ensure that it’s as effective as possible.

But there are still many pitfuls in modern day article marketing, content duplication being key amongst them. Now the marketer must wrestle with decisions such as “do I post this to my blog or syndicate it out”, it’s getting harder to do both.

Worse, we have unethical people stealing your content or putting it through some robot to churn out hundreds of different articles, all based on your own work!

So, should this put you off if you are considering an article marketing campaign? Our extensive experience says not, a promotion using high quality articles to high quality directories has shown time and again to be effective at generating traffic and increasing your search engine rankings.

And here’s a little freebie tip for you, why stop at just article directories? Surely blogs, websites and online magazines need content also, why not approach them and offer your article in return for just a little authors bio with a link back to your site?


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