The Way To Site Traffic Is Paved With Bad Blogs

It’s true, running a good blog can be very beneficial for your business and your rankings in the SERP’s. Sometimes it seems hard to draw the line between offering good content and just launching a blog for monetary purposes or rankings. At the end only a few top blogs can make it to the top, reaching a wide audience over one specific topic. The others will get lost in the noise of ads or tricky click through tricks and ultimately get rejected by the interested surfers.

So don’t commit fatal mistakes in weak moments when the temptation for optimization or monetization is too big. Go easy on the anchor text links, as nothing is more annoying than reading a text stuffed with words in different colors and with links leading to a non-related page. Even more annoying are the underlined words leading to advertising. A misleading click might bring you in some money but will most probably frustrate the reader and make sure he doesn’t come back to your blog.

Writing an attractive copy is something you need a little dose of talent for. If you have absolutely no experience in writing and never wrote more than a letter to your grandmother, it’s wise to abstain from this meticulous task and outsource the whole thing.

Bring not only well written but also useful content. Highlight new evolutions in the industry, break news, offer tips & tricks, everything goes as long as the reader will experience a benefit from reading your blog. A couple of poor blog posts and the reader will take off to a better alternative. Even if you don’t sell anything online, tell the world about your social initiatives, sponsorships, projects etc. It will create goodwill towards your site and make your message more trustworthy in general.

Having your audience against you is the last thing you want. This is nicely illustrated in the ‘Mall Case’ in the US, where teenagers who were refused entrance to the mall started an online boycot campagn, starting with a group on Facebook. The result is that now the name of the mall ranks high in Google because of the boycot and negative news, solely because no other news about the Mall is available to rank higher than the negative comments. Can you imagine the impact on brand image?