Blogs and SEO

Links in blogs are great for SEO purposes, especially when they come form authority blogs – with lots of readers (hence lots of traffic) and high Google PageRanks. But which links are better? Blogroll links or contextual links?

Contextual links are better on the long term because they are surrounded by relevant text. The context gives the real value of the link. While in the past the number of the links used to influence the rankings of a site in the SERPs, today quantity doesn’t matter so much. The search engines are looking for quality. A link within the context of a blog is considered a relevant link or a relevant “vote” for the page pointing at.

Each blog entry appears on its own page. It doesn’t matter what the blogger writes about (in general) on his/her blog, as long as the entry containing your link is related to your niche. For example, when a blogger writes about flowers on an authority blog and you manage to convince the blogger to write about lamps (lamps being your niche) and link back to you within that entry, you have a winning link. The entry will bring you traffic as long as it stays on the landing page of the blog, but it will also bring SEO value in time (more than a random blogroll link).

It is hard to convince a blogger to advertise your business, but it is not impossible. Yet this is a time consuming task. No wonder that services like PayPerPost become so popular. With Search Engine Oracle you don’t have to worry about a thing. We are going to identify the right tools to promote your website and products and to bring you quality links.


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