Building Good Url’s

Constructing a commercial site requires a whole lot of attention to Search Engine Optimization factors. There are many of them though and highlighting one of them will take a full post. So let’s take a look at how to construct a good url, to name one factor. How to construct a url, bound to be found by search engines and guaranteeing high click troughs…

First, think of a good url name. You might want to consider following guidelines:

  • Avoid long url’s. When more than 5 words are used in the url name, Googlebot will care less about them.
  • Remember the keywords you want to rank for and include them in your url. Think of a construction like . This will enhance your rankings. Note that it also takes some effort to construct folders and subfolders with relevant keywords in their names.
  • Some file extensions are ignored by the Googlebot and consequently these pages will not be ranked. This is the case with the extension ‘.0’, so don’t name your url something like Web 2.0

As you can see the second example shows a url with hyphens (-) between the words. It is said that Googlebot prefers hyphens between words. Each word separated by hyphens would be able to rank on it’s own, unlike words separated by underscores. Other SEO blogs report that Google has now solved this and both underscore and hyphen words are treated equally.

If you think your chosen name sounds a bit spammy, run a quick check in the end with the SEOMoz Spam detection tool and find out how high it scores for “spamminess”.