Linking Tools for DIY SEO

Although the title says “linking tools for DIY SEO,” I strongly recommend that you discuss with an SEO or an SEM expert prior to using any of these tools.

The tools bellow will bring fast results and they are one might be also the kind of tools that bring long-term results. But, because these tools are controversial (remember Matt Cutt’s paid linking cons) I also suggest that you don’t focus solely on link buying strategies to rank your site and increase its traffic and PageRank.

The first recommended tool is the V7 contextual network. V7 sells link placement and not paid reviews, so don’t confuse this service for a PPP or ReviewMe kind of service.

Speaking about ReviewMe, this is another great tool to gain traffic and contextual links, but the main advantage of this should be the lesson learned after you read what a blogger who reviewed your site has to criticize or to praise. This kind of feedback will help you improve the quality of your site. In some situations, when the review is done by SEO bloggers, you’ll even get some free SEO tips.

Last, but not least, Text Links Ads sells now post level links. You can benefit from such links, especially when they are displayed on authority websites and blogs. Make sure you review carefully the page on which you purchase such a link. Check out how many sites link back to that page, eventually see some traffic stats to make sure that you will collect all the benefits.