Effective Linkbaiting Strategies

There are many types of linkbait, some controversial, others accepted as justifiable. No matter how we look at linkbaiting, there are lessons to be learned from the multitude of strategies identifiable online.

When you look to a John Chow you learn how to motivate your readers by promising them a link back on a high PR page and some traffic.

Other bloggers use a technique known as “calling out.” They name specific people on their blogs in the hope to get a link back.

The following are some linkbaiting strategies that work (especially if you have good writing and marketing skills):

  • Write a post that could be considered a resource – try to come up with something new, like a “secret” of your trade, or try to write about something fun and extraordinary. You need a good title that triggers emotions and determines people to read the content of your entry. And that goes for any topic you might choose.
  • If you want to make it to the top page of digg, write about famous diggers or write a good story about digg. Pampering the ego of a digger will probably give you digg love in return and some link love from other bloggers who will find your entry newsworthy.
  • Read the latest Google news and see what’s new in your trade. Keep your entries always actual, informative and provocative.
  • Make people feel important – this is the “calling out” strategy. In my experience this is one of the most lucrative linkbaiting strategies.
  • Build trust and your readers will refer to your blog as a resource. This is the best linkbaiting strategy I know.