Link Farms Are Bad News

I’ve recently read a blog entry about link farms. The author was obviously writing for those who don’t understand what link farms are and how they could harm the ranking of a site. The explanations however were amateurish and far from the point.

Picture the local public dump and you’ve got the real definition of a link farm. All the links in a link farm are web trash. The sites they point at might as well be very good sites but the links on the link farms will never bring them any value. When people find link farms (through casual browsing) they don’t even bother to click on the links. So aside not bringing any Google PR (PageRank) value, link farms deliver no traffic either.

Why do link farms still exist? Because people are SEO ignorant. They’ve heard that many links increase the Google PR values of a site and they try to get as many links as possible. The problem is that they don’t have enough money to pay for links on high PR sites, so they go for the “free” alternative. But in the end this alternative costs a lot: time you take for submitting your site, minus trust points from Google, minus trust points from your clients, and, in special circumstances (especially when you link back) a link farm might even get your site out of the Google SERP. These are the reasons you should contemplate before wasting your time on link farms.