Linking Strategies Virtues

I’m not done with this topic yet, but I’ll have to focus on some other important SEO aspects in the next days, to please all the readers. Sometimes I think an e-book focused exclusively on linking strategies is indeed a needed instrument.

Before ending the first linking strategies “season” I have to say this: patience is a virtue. We know that from our parents, we’ve heard that often enough to believe it is a stereotype. Yet, when it comes to linking strategies, this wise saying is synonym with truth. The search engines don’t like overnight occurrences. Google likes sites to “age” prior to giving them consideration. It’s wise to start optimizing a site for Yahoo and MSN inclusion, but Google is still the “puppet master”.

You are already aware that new companies with new ideas try to knock off Google but till that happens handle Google with care! You still need it! What do I mean? Gain too many links at once and chances are that you’ll see some penalties. Don’t believe those SEOs that tell you “numbers matter”. Does size really matter? Not unless we talk about Godzilla!

As Aaron Wall once said: “SEO is a marathon not a sprint.” So don’t expect things to happen like magic! Take it from us: the only thing that matters in SEO, as in life, is having the right connections. So create content that matters to create a website people would like to link to. And trust them on this one: they are going to make the right choice. Just be patient!


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