Linking Strategies – Directory Listings

Today I start a feuilleton on link building and linking strategies. Of course, you know how important links are for SEO, rankings and traffic. And I’ll start with those links that are the easiest to get: bought links.

You cannot just go around buying links. Some are way too expensive and not really worth the price. Therefore I’ll give you today the best paid directories. Some SEOs don’t recommend directories any longer and even say that directories are useless. I suggest that you think twice before believing them. Before the search engines there were the Web directories. Think about it: Yahoo, MSN, Netscape (DMOZ – yes, that was Netscape not Google!) were directories!

So here we go:

  1. For $ 299 per year you can get a listing on the most popular Web directory: Yahoo! Directory.
  2. Aviva – new but worth the price. A $ 34.95 fee ensures you a regular listing. Add $ 40 and you’ve got yourself a featured listing.
  3. V7N Web directory – with a one time fee of $ 49.95 you’ll get your site listed in a popular, quality directory. This is quite popular among SEOs and growing daily. My personal tip: you want to participate in the V7N Webmaster forums moderated by John Scott and Aaron Wall. Do I still have to tell you why?
  4. Best of the Web – that’s a classic. I browse this quite often. It does have some good quality listings. $69.95 per year or $199.95 lifetime. I recommend the lifetime listing.
  5. partners with The Wall Street Journal Online, Global Spec,, Forbes, Business Week and so on. I mention them to make it clear for you that this is a serious business directory. Quite pricey though: $199 first year, $149 to renew.

Why don’t I mention MSN bCentral? Well, here you go… I’ve mentioned it. Since 15th of November last year Microsoft no longer accepts new sign-ups for MSN bCentral. Pity! It used to be a valuable SEO tool.


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