Linking Strategies – Link Brokers

My clients often ask me: is it OK to buy links? More or less. If you expect high Google PR as a result of buying links you are probably going to be disappointed. Google tends to disregard paid links because many webmasters abused this online marketing tool to artificially inflate their rankings.

Paid links are still important for traffic and in some cases, if “purchased wisely” they can even help with rankings. That means: buy links on related sites (related is such a cliché, but believe me: it’s the magic formula!), don’t repeat the anchor text and buy links on relevant pages (preferably the landing pages).

Because finding the right sites is a difficult task, you can always count on link brokers. Yesterday I gave you 5 top Web directories; today I give you 5 top link brokerages.

  1. I start with the newest and, in my opinion, the most effective: V7N’s Contextual Links that brings you links with editorial value – basically links embedded within the content of blog entries.
  2. Similar to V7N Contextual, InBlogAds offers links on blogs or site reviews.
  3. Text Link Ads is the most popular of all the link-advertising brokerages. They are quite flexible: you’ll pay a monthly fee based on site authority (the site that links back to you).
  4. Text Link Brokers is similar to Text Link Ads but take a look at their index page to learn why they are more effective than other services of the kind. Highly recommended!
  5. Last, but not least… I recommend Search Engine Oracle Ltd. (Yeah, I know what you mean, but trust me on this one!) simply because… we know our job!


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