PageRank – Why the Big Fuss?

Are you concerned about your Google PageRank? Do you try to get the best links from the sites with the highest PR to increase your own PageRank? Or are you one of those who believe that PageRank holds no real value?

As many people use Google and trust Google, certainly they will trust the little green bar indicating a theoretical value of a web page too. Besides, it is a well-known fact that authority sites have a higher PageRank than ordinary sites, and you certainly strive to become an authority in your field. So this is the value of the Google PageRank.

This is more than just an SEO tool or an SEO artifice. The Google PR is a statement of quality and its value will bring you eventually an important financial gain, especially when you decide to sell links or your domain: the higher your PageRank, the higher the win. A high PageRank doesn’t necessarily mean more traffic or more sales and it certainly doesn’t mean that you are going to rank higher for all the keywords included on that page.

The PageRank solely indicates how many sites trust your content (and your website) enough to give you a quality vote: an inbound link. While you cannot buy a high PageRank, you can certainly work to build it through targeted linking campaigns. When you do this, try not to count solely on the theory on how PR is calculated by Google. The Giant has changed its algorithms and some of the “rules” are irrelevant. I’ve seen enough websites with thousands of back links but a very low PageRank. This happens because not all links are created equal and right now the most powerful inbound links are contextual links.


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