Google and Paid Linking Strategies

Once upon a time on Matt Cutts’ blog, there was a bizarre entry (you’ll understand pretty soon why I don’t link to it). What the Google insider requested there puzzled me a bit. Back then I decided to ignore such a perplexing request: Matt actually asks the users to report paid links:

Something like “ is selling links; here’s a page on that demonstrates that” or “ is buying links. You can see the paid links on” is all you need to mention.

Now, what’s wrong with this picture? Plenty, if you ask me! Obviously, we do not sell links on this blog. We haven’t bought any links either. But what on Web is happening here?

Google, are you afraid of MSN and Yahoo and their new AdWords-like technologies? Do you try to create the Web in your own image? Google, aren’t you already selling links? What’s your AdWords program? Aren’t you a bit hypocrite now?

And why should all paid links be spamming links? There are other ways to generate hundreds of links without spending a cent. What are you going to do against a Technorati Fave Train, the latest trend in the blogosphere?

This is one of the worse moves Google has ever made.

So instead of being a Search Engine Google started bullying around, trying to tell the webmasters what to do and making the jobs of the SEOs more difficult than ever!

Right now the do-it-yourself SEO strategists will face some real problems, as anyone with unorthodox thoughts might use Matt’s for to report imagined link trades.