Do You Really Benefit From A Digg Headline?

Multiple link building strategies overtake the SEO blog scene lately, but it’s good sometimes to stand still at what you are actually doing for the good of your online business. It not only boils down to writing a killer post that makes it on the frontpage of some social media site like Digg, Stumble or Reddit if your business has no good returns on it.

Reading through the story of a site who made it to all frontpages of online social media sites, skyrocketing site traffic, but without no conversion rates, makes one realize how important it is to invest in people, real people. Surely thousands of surfers check the Digg frontpage and your article there will be wide spread, but what lies behind this short-lived succes? Ultra short site visits, no useful residual linking effect and hardly any reasonable conversion rate? Sadly enough, many times it turns out that way.

On the other hand, a useful article, written with a specific target group in mind can generate a hand full of links that greatly benefit your business.  The beneficial links usually come from people who are genuinely interested in what your doing or with related business to yours. Therefor, invest time in users in your product or service vertical and build a relationship that is based on more than a juicy headline.

A virtual business doesn’t necessarily mean an impersonal business. Commenting on blogs, meeting on conferences, discussing industry related issues on forums etc. will not only create goodwill among potential linkers or customers and attract a more honest public than the sensational Digg crowd but will also get you sustainable links that highly improves your site’s traffic and conversion.

So advice of the day: get out to meet some people, instead of breaking your head about the next Digg headline.