The SEO Toolbox To Spy On Competitors

Just like a plumber needs his tools to fix things, an SEO professional needs his tools to optimize search engine rankings. On the Internet these SEO tools all support the same goal: gaining knowledge. Nowhere the phrase “Knowledge is Power” is more true than online and nowhere it is easier to follow your competitors than on the online playground. So let’s have a look at some tools that can benefit you as an SEO professional.

1. SEOQuake

SEOQuake describes itself as a powerful tool for Firefox and IE users that aims at helping online marketers and search optimizers to gather information…and that is really what they do. It offers you an insight by offering the number of indexed pages in Google, giving an idea about the amount of content you are looking at. More pages mean more content so a comparison with competitors is quickly made. Secondly SEOQuake makes it possible to check how many links Yahoo knows from one point to another. Displaying more links than Google, Yahoo is a better place to spy on competitors. Furthermore the program compares a website’s performance in social networks like Digg, Delicious and Technorati, and includes many more features to check out.

2. Google Advanced Search

An odd tool in this list you might think, but before you object read about the sneaky features of Google’s advanced search. On the advanced search you will find a drop down menu titled “Date, usage rights, numeric range, and more.”. Within that a certain parameter called “Where your keywords show up” can be selected. Finally you can choose the location of where keywords show up. When the location ‘in links to the page’ is selected you are ready to start spying on competitors. All you have to do now is to type in your competitors name and find out how many links have the name of your competitor in it.

3. Google Alerts

Alerts keep you informed about what is happening in a certain domain. Don’t be afraid to be following your most important competitors as well as their most important people. The alerts will also give you an idea about the sites where information about your competitors is released, andso why not use the same sources?