AOL and Google Marriage

From now on you have the chance to target AOL users through PPC campaigns backed up by Google.

The deal was planed in December 2005 when Google purchased a $ 1 billion stake in AOL. Thus it is easy to understand Google’s interest in powering the AOL paid search service. From now on AOL users are going to see Google sponsored ads on AOL search pages.

If till now AOL was known as a dial-up service, soon we will all know it as an ad-based media network. Apparently PPC strategies work best, since we all see the same tendency at Yahoo! and MSN. Yahoo has recently released its “Panama” PPC service to close the gap with its biggest rival after understanding that online marketers had all the interest to use Google’s AdWords program as a very effective advertising tool. Google’s marriage with AOL simply extends the AdWords program further, to other powerful networks, in a never-ending competition with Yahoo!, MSN and other rivals.

How is this marriage between Google and AOL going to function? Simple: AOL will share with Google the revenue generated from ads on its network, pretty as much as Google shares with you revenue generated via AdSense channels (or you share it with Google, after all you are the publisher and give Google advertising space on your web pages).

This is actually the first time Google offers a white-label version of its AdWords program to a third party.

If we look at AOL carefully, we’ll see that this is not the only changer they’ve been up to. The shopping search has been changed as well. If in the past Shopzilla powered the shopping search results, now you’ll find that AOL has a new partner: Pricegrabber.


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