Basic PPC Tips

For many people, PPC is somewhat of a mystery. It is widely acknowledged that PPC campaigns can boost profits when done well but a poorly managed campaign could end up costing you money. Here are three basic tips to help set up your first PPC campaign:

1. use specific phrases – If you are selling golf equipment, for example, it would be best to use phrases such as “buy golf balls” or “cheap putters online”. It is far too common to see people using broad phrases such as “golf”. This is a bad keyword for many reasons. Firstly, it will be very competitive and therefore expensive; secondly it’s too broad to convert well. People who search for “golf” may be looking for information on golf or a Volkswagon Golf. A good tip is to use brand names and model numbers as keywords. Typically, these capture people towards the end of the buying cycle and have a much higher conversion rate than generic phrases. Furthermore, they are much cheaper, giving you a far better return on investment.

2. Do not use budget restrictions – If you have a budget set and it runs out halfway throught the day, your adds will stop showing altogether. It is a much better idea to restrict the amount of money you spend by the cost of your keywords. For example, you may pay one pound per click and your budget is £100, giving 100 clicks before your budget runs out halfway through the day. If you reduced your bid price to 50 pence you may get 200 clicks throughout the day for the same £100 investment. Although budgets are commonly used as a safety net, they can hugely restrict your ROI.

3. Link to appropriate pages – It is a common mistake to use a site’s index page for the destination URL on all keywords. This means that a visitor will have to navigate your site before finding the page they want. Unfortunately, internet shoppers are well known for their lack of patience and this technique will use you visitors and sales. It is much better to use specific destination URLs for each keyword. If someone searches for putters, send them to your putters page; if someone searches for golf bags, send them to your bags / accessories page. This is easily done but often neglected.

These three tips are just the tip of the iceburg when writing a good PPC campaign. There are many other factors such as ad writing techniques, good keyword research and so on. Currently, Search Engine Oracle are offering a free PPC analysis, so please give us a call to discuss how to maximise the potential of your PPC campaign.


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