PPC Search Engines: Chitika

It is clear for everyone that Google AdWords is the number one PPC engine, especially due to its special features (like geo-targeting) and the very good conversions.

Some people use the PPC engines to advertise products, others use the publisher PPC programs to generate revenue from their sites (ex: Google AdSense) and many use PPC search engines to get information on keywords.

No matter why you decide to use a PPC program you should know that Google is not the only one, and you should also be aware of the fact that some less popular PPC engines might bring you better results, depending on your niche and your targeted clients.

Today we’ll take a short look at Chitika PPC.

Chitika is focused on blogs – as a matter of fact it was created for this platform. Its current network delivers more than 1 billion monthly page views and comprises more than 12,000 blogs (with the eMiniMalls program).

Chitika seems to convert well for the bloggers, and advertisers need to have a minimum budget of $ 10,000 per month to join the program.

Despite its high fees for the advertisers, Chitika is quite successful and gets plenty of good reviews in the media from both advertisers and publishers. Even the web users who search for different products seem to be satisfied with the system: Chitika converts very good for the advertisers. Its graphical, interactive approach makes the advertisements more appealing than Google’s old-fashioned AdSense, so the ads are more click-able. Chitika ads show a visual representation of the product, description, other featured products, best deals and much more.