Demographic Bidding on Google AdWords

There is one thing that really makes Google’s PPC engine AdWords successful and in effect better than any other engine of the kind – continuous development.

Google never stops looking for new ways to improve this service. Many companies that need search engines exposure but do not manage to compete with the top 10 ranked in their line of work resort to Google AdWords for better SE placement.

This used to be a costly endeavour and very unfortunate for companies that targeted a local market instead of global positioning. Each click resulted from such PPC campaign was returning relevant traffic, targeted in terms of user needs, but not targeted in terms of company needs. So the ROI did not justify the investment.

For example an independent insurer who wants to sell life insurance in London will not need visitors from Chester. Fortunately you can chose the geographic area in which you want your PPC ads displayed now. But how can Google identify demographics?

On the search engine itself this is very difficult, if not impossible. But in a network of publishers everything is possible. Google explains how things work on the official Inside AdWords blog.

Some publishers in our network, such as social networking sites, know the gender and age of their users because their users sign in with that information when they create a profile or fill out registration or subscription forms. Participating publishers anonymize this user reported demographic data and then send it to Google in aggregate form, allowing us to adjust which ads are shown to members of specific demographic groups.

The demographic bidding is still beta but in my opinion it is be one of the factors that will still keep Google in the top of the PPC search engines. Demographic bidding makes targeting easier and increases advertiser’s chances to a successful sale.


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