Save Time Online

Many of you guys will know that optimizing an Ad campaign on Google can take hours of time. In particular when you are motivated enough to split up ad groups and try to find the best return on each keyword you may be busy for several hours, without a doubt.

Now Google has come up with a new tool to save you time and money with your online advertising campaigns: AdWord Editor. This free tool functions like a spreadsheet application for Adwords and helps you managing the whole lot.

Google Adword Editor allows you to download your ad campaign onto your computer. Then you are free to make bulk changes to keywords, copy and paste them, circulate proposed changes and much more. All changes can be made offline and the re-worked campaign can be uploaded after the work is finished. Compared to using the usual web interface, the Adword Editor allows you to work much faster as all changes can be made offline in a simple application.

One of the main features of the program are the copy and pasting options. Almost every entity, be it a keyword or a complete campaign, can be copy and pasted around, improving workflow considerably. Secondly global search and replace operations make it possible to change any text, from your ad copy to bid prices and keywords.

Finally, Google is not only helping it’s own customers with their Adword Editor. The application also allows to export data – entire campaigns or keyword groups – into a standard CSV file. This file can then be used to upload and start new campaigns with Yahoo Search Marketing (Panama) and Microsoft adCenter, although minor modifications might be needed (line length etc.)

Hope PPC managers out there  can save some time now!


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