Google Improves Its AdWords Program

Great news for your AdWords campaigns! It looks like Google has decided to display all publisher sites where your ads are being run. This is also good news for honest AdSense publishers and bad news for scraper sites.

Right now, if you run an AdWords campaign you are able to bid on contextual ad placements on specific sites. But in a few months your are going to be able to see all the sites where your ads are being displayed and you’ll also be able to filter out the URLs you consider inappropriate for your ads.

What makes me really wonder is how is Google going to prevent advertisers from contacting the publishers directly? Right now Google is on the safe spot, but when they start displaying all the URLs, what’s going to stop us from contacting the publisher directly making a better deal? Let’s wait and see, shall we?

In the meanwhile, if you run AdSense ads on your site, you have to start worrying. If your pages are not relevant enough for an ad, or if the quality of the content is low, the advertiser might filter your URL out of the network. After all, no one likes to waste money on ads that bring no revenue. Ideally you should have a site with high traffic ranks (preferably targeted traffic –which is pretty difficult to prove unless you give free access to your stats, which I wouldn’t recommend).

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