Easily Improve Your Click Throughs

Surely many of you have been challenged to create a compelling Google Ad in a few capturing words. You then know how the waiting for the first results of your campaign can awfully long. Creating an ad is one thing though, it takes creativity, keyword research etc., but getting people to click on it is a different cup of tea. Today we take at some useful tips to increase your “Click Through Rates”.

First, it is important to use power words. Power words are necessary to catch the reader’s attention in that short attention span that he looks at your ad.  A Power word is emotionally charged and will therefor catch the attention of the reader, when he identifies with that emotion. Some common power words are:

  • Powerful
  • Vital
  • Amazing
  • Astonishing
  • Astounding
  • Genuine
  • Confidential
  • Mystery
  • Breakthrough
  • Secret
  • Hidden
  • Incredible
  • Unbelievable

Secondly a widely used technique to attract clicks on your ad is to include a benefit in your ad copy. The searcher must see some benefit, some reward for clicking your ad. This benefit could range from a free download, an extra gift, free shipping etc, an interesting widget and so on. It’s important to keep your promise on your landing page and clearly refer to it, otherwise people might think they have been ripped off by your ad.

Finally, be specific. Stress a particular characteristic and preferable an amazingly stunning feature of your service or product. People love specifics, so no vague promises or blurry descriptions. Again make sure you keep your promise on the website and you’ll see fast results.